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Most businesses would agree that having a full time IT Department would be a great thing to possess. They would also agree that it is not always the most cost effective approach for the company's IT issues. AmaTech's Service Plans are the next best thing to having your very own IT Department.

With our Service Plans, AmaTech can cover as much or as little of your network, computers and devices as you want. With something as simple as Hardware Monitoring, AmaTech can be alerted of any hardware failures in your company's network infrastructure before you are down for the count. AmaTech also offers remote support with all of our Service Plans. This allows us to diagnose and fix many of the every day problems that plague businesses faster and more economically than having to be on site.

Below is a chart that details each of our Service Plans.

Service Plans: Byte Kilobyte Megabyte Gigabyte
Monitoring & Remote Access
Primary Antivirus & Malware Protection
Hardware & Software Maintenance
E-Mail Archiving & Spam Filter (Optional)


Unified Threat Management w/ Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access


Secondary Antivirus & Malware Protection
Mobile Mail & Calendar (Optional)


Guaranteed Response Time
Included Onsite Support
Included Offsite Bench Time
Extended Business Hours
Data Encryption
New Hardware Installations

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Service Plan Questionnaire